Compliance to the POPI Act (POPIA)

1. Please refer to the POPI Act (POPIA) that has been around for a while and become compulsory on 1 July 2021.

2. Actions regarding the safeguarding of personal information and customer information have been implemented over the years in this regard, throughout addressed in the Confidentiality clauses of our agreements. The following results can be stated:

a. Proper Confidentiality Agreements are entered into with all our customers, or potential customers and/or partners, in all cases, making specific reference to the obtaining, handling, returning and deleting such information. It is also contained in Non-Disclosure Agreements, where opportunities are explored before a more detailed services agreement is entered.

b.Access to confidential information as part of services rendered to customers, is also addressed in the referenced Confidentiality Agreement above, ensuring that personnel exposed to such information is identified, limited, and put under the restrictions regarding confidentiality, entered in the said agreement.

c. Information and Data associated with customer projects are specifically addressed in this process and must be accessible only to project resources, used only for specific project purposes, stored separately from other customer information/data and adequately protected against theft or similar losses.

d. Fourier applies best practice tools and techniques to secure its data, network, and storage devices from unintended access. This includes:

    • Access controlled VPN and Firewall technologies¬†
    • Secure socket layer certification for in-transit encryption of data
    • Base-level data encryption on storage devices, servers and terminals (Such as Bitlocker)¬†
    • Device-level authentication and access control for all connecting devices

e. Fourier has extensive data backup processes in place, ensuring that data losses due to hardware failure, fire, or theft, are mitigated.

f. Fourier follows appropriate data disposal protocols in its applications and in accordance with client and POPIA requirements. 

g. We are furthermore, continuously, investigating newer mechanisms to address Computer Viruses, Spam and Ransomware attacks, working closely with our service providers in this regard.

3. As required by the POPIA, responsibility is allocated at CEO level. Please address any request in this regard to me, whenever needed.